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Specification of

Fire Hose

As an experienced manufacturer, Beijing Yanyang has specialized in producing various fire hoses since founded. We have strict quality management system as well as advanced test equipment. The fire hose lined with a thin polyurethane is woven from high-strength polyester. It has the advantages like light weight, high water output rate, simple coiling, good resistance to low temperature, high pressure, easy operation, flexibility, corrosion and aging resistance, and strong suitability. Fire hoses in different colors and lengths are available.

Fire hose manufactured to this specification shall meet and exceed all performance requirements of CCCF, CCS, GB6246-2001.

Application fields
Fire hose is mainly used in industrial and municipal fire brigades, marine fire fighting, commercial and civil engineering, etc.

The standard color for fire hose is white. We can also produce other colors based on the customers' requests.

Storz couplings and BS instantaneous, couplings and Italycouplings are available, and other types can be available on your request.

Standard Length : 20m, 25m, 30m, 40m.

Technical Parameters

I.D. (mm) : C40
Working Pressure (Mpa) : 1.0
Burst Pressure (Mpa) : 3.0

I.D. (mm) : C40
Working Pressure (Mpa) : 1.3
Burst Pressure (Mpa) : 3.9

I.D. (mm) : C40
Working Pressure (Mpa) : 1.6
Burst Pressure (Mpa) : 4.8

I.D. (mm) : C40
Working Pressure (Mpa) : 2.0
Burst Pressure (Mpa) : 6.0

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