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05 May 2020
IDR 70.300

Specification of

(Mass flow) Adjustable recoilless multifunction water gun (New products)

QWKT8.0D - -300-no recoilless gun fire Bears design ideas and to the high

scientific and technological content, good quality, reasonable structure, spray guns and more home, size diversity, to meet different people said different devices or with different occasions to meet the technical requirements necessary to fight the blaze, reduce fire people Members of the scene of the fire to fight the blaze risks, improve the efficiency of equipment to fight the blaze.

Lance increases from using new-type aluminum alloy, T5 heat treatment, surface anodizing electroplating, hard durable, compact shape it applies to equipment, water tankers to fire the golden belt fire extinguishing system, fire fighting series Ship Fire Commission and public occasions fire fighting system. The spray gun is now already have on the market.

1. Spray gun set up front-end turbine teeth, thinning spray adsorption and absorption heat dust, applies to the electrical equipment charged fire to fight the blaze.

2. State regulator, rotating gun spray protection jacket can change the state. A columnar water to intensify efforts to help fire-fighting, was effective umbrella-shaped water area will increase to facilitate spraying cooling, adsorption dust.

3. Flow regulator, adjustable five stalls flow changes, were given a 130 L / min, 250 L / min, 280 L / min, 300 L / min and breeches torrent washed many changes in a variety of jet flow, and more occasions to meet use.

4. Horseshoe-type switch to using ABS ring made of light, pleasing in appearance, with the gun in easy hoist aluminum alloy ball valve flow.

5. Pistol grip, the design of the human body, easy grasp the jet direction.

6. Shaft-style regulation sets the direction for the band-at little cost, and the anti-sealing distorted knotting blocking flow.

7. Water gun grip root user interface may need, its largest allocation of 1.5 "

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