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Specification of

TPU Coated Fabric

TPU coated fabric is comprised of inner rubber layer, fabric reinforced layer and outer rubber layer. Fabric reinforced layer is woven by polyester fiber. Inner and outer rubber layers are formed from the double-face coated polyurethane on the fabric reinforced layer.

Main characteristics
TPU coated fabric is featured by light weight, high strength, puncture resistance, rear resistance, folding, convenient, and strong environmental suitability, etc. Ambient applicable temperature is
-50C~+80C. Colors like black, army green, sand yellow, etc. are available, other colors can also be available according to user requirements. The rubberized fabric thickness range is 0.95mm-3mm. The breadth is 1.33m.

Applicable scopes
TPU (polyurethane) coating fabrics could be used for soft tank fabrication due to its superior properties. The soft tank used for gas, oil, water, wine, edible oil, soy sauce, various syrups, industrial grease, diesel, gasoline is made of such fabric. This kind of soft tank may be equipped to field oil depot, gas station, or is applied for oil storing equipment and vapor recovery unit of rear oil depot. In addition, it may be used for collection of rain water, emergency water supply, logistics, fire fighting, metallurgy, electric device and oil field, etc.



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