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05 May 2020
IDR 10.450

Specification of

Bladder Tank

Bladder tank is a collapsible folding vessel which is made from polyurethane (TPU) coated fabric. After cutting and high frequency welding or heat forming, it features high strength, puncture resistance, tear resistance and low temperature resistance. In comparison with
steel tank, this kind of bladder tank has advantages like light weight, rust resistance, small volume after folding, easy to install, transport, lay or remove, strong adaptability, good mechanical property, superior sealing, non-vulnerable after repeated folding, etc. The weight and volume of the bladder tank is only 10%and 2%-5%of the steel tank with same capacity.

Typical Applications
The bladder tanks are widely applied for temporary and long-term storage of drinking water, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, industrial grease, and so on. Some may be placed on automobile, ship and airplane as transportation vessel and some may be applied as liquid tank for air
drop, hoisting and water hauling.


Volume : 2 m3
Empty Loading Weight : 30 Kg
Fully-loaded Height : 0.50 m
Expansion Dimension (Length X Width) : 2.8 X 2.2 m
Folded Dimension (Length X Width X Height) : 0.90 X 0.75 X 0.30
Temperature Range : -50~80 C

Volume : 400 m3
Empty Loading Weight : 1050 Kg
Fully-loaded Height : 1.70 m
Expansion Dimension (Length X Width) : 17.2 X 15.7 m
Folded Dimension (Length X Width X Height) : 4.25 X 1.00 X 0.70
Temperature Range : -50~80 C


army green, sand yellow, black are standard colors of the product. Shapes of tanks may be fabricated into rectangle, square, pillow, or cylinder. The cylinder shape is also called
Collapsible tank and may be manufactured based on client's requirements.


Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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