Fire Extinguisher

Before we discuss the tools, I will start with the fire category where this category explains the reason for the fire. Fires starting in different ways can be done more easily with different extinguishers. Some types of tools can be used in various types of fire, but there are some that warn against being used with certain types of fire. Let's look at the fire category. There is a special type of fire extinguisher for each category of fire. These categories are called A, B, C, D and K.

Class A: This class describes fires caused by solid combustion. This includes items such as paper, wood, rubber, plastic, garbage, and cloth. But, that does not include metal.

Class B: This is a fire caused by flammable liquid. These include things like gasoline, oil, oil and paint. It also includes flammable gases such as butane and propane.

Class C: This is an electric fire caused by equipment. The reason might be equipment, transformers or motors.

Class D: This is a fire caused by flammable metals. These include sodium, potassium, aluminum, and magnesium.

Class K: This is a fire caused by cooking oil and oil. Animal fat, and vegetable fat can be the cause.

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