Fire Sprinkler

Fire Sprinkler

Contrary to what many people think, we are not at the greatest risk of fires in hotels or other public places; it is at home, where most of us feel safest, that we really face the highest risk of fire. Hotels are, in fact, one of the safest places of fire, and that is because most of the fire protection technology is needed for them. That technology usually includes Automatic Fire Sprinkler.

How does Fire Sprinkler work?

Fire sprinklers for homes include pipelines that are filled with water under pressure mounted behind walls and ceilings, and individual Fire Sprinklers are placed along the pipe to protect the area below them. Because water is always in the pipeline, Fire Sprinkler is always "on call." If the fire breaks, the air temperature above the fire rises and the sprinkler will be active when the air temperature becomes high enough. Sprinklers forcibly spray water over the fire, extinguish it completely in many cases, or at least control heat and limit the development of toxic fumes until the fire extinguisher arrives. Only the closest sprinkler activates the fire. Smoke will not activate the sprinkler.

Fire Sprinkler is very effective because they react very quickly. They reduce the risk of death or injury from fire because they dramatically reduce heat, fire and smoke, which allows people to empty their homes. Fire Sprinkler homes release about 10-25 gallons of water per minute. At home without Fire Sprinkler, the fire will likely grow to dangerous levels when the fire department can arrive.

In less than usual time, the fire department arrived at the scene, Fire Sprinkler contained and even extinguished the house fire. That not only reduces property damage, but also saves lives.

How do you install it?

Fire Sprinkler is installed by specially trained contractors who follow the codes and standards of other local requirements. The best time to install Fire Sprinkler is when you are building a new house or renovating an existing house. Nationally, installing sprinklers adds between one to two percent to the total construction costs. Installing sprinklers during renovation, known as "retrofitting," is generally more expensive and costs depend on the structure.

Dismantling myths

Unfortunately, there are many hard misunderstandings about Fire Sprinkler homes that make some homeowners reluctant to install Fire Sprinkler in their homes. These are the facts:

Very rarely does Fire Sprinkler operate accidentally. In a typical home, water damage will be far less than unwanted sprinkler discharge than from other pipe accidents.

Burning cigarettes and toast cannot cause sprinklers to work. Only the high temperature generated from the fire will activate the sprinkler. All Fire Sprinklers do not activate at once. This scenario may be common in movies and TV shows, but that is not true for Fire Sprinkler homes. Only the sprinkler is closest to the active fire. Ninety percent of the time, one sprinkler contains fire.

Fire Sprinkler House gives you additional protection from fire and peace of mind. Ask us about installing Fire Sprinkler in your home.

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