Fire Brigade Equipment

Fire Brigade Equipment - Various safety equipment for firefighters include: firefighter uniforms, firefighting shoes, firefighting helmets, firefighting gloves, breathing aids for both officers and victims and also a fire extinguisher. This firefighting equipment is vital for firefighters' safety. With this equipment, firefighters can avoid or minimize the risk of danger in carrying out their duties.
Fire extinguisher clothes include fire-resistant clothing and fire-resistant clothing. Although the material for making fire retardant clothing is made of aluminum foil, it does not mean that this uniform fire retardant can be used continuously in a fire. Fire retardant clothing is used by firefighters by moving to put out fires. There are also fire-resistant clothing made from cotton / drill, aramid and nomex. However, this material is only used by officers outside the flames.
Fire Flashlights are also needed by firefighters when the fire has been extinguished or in a dark condition. So that it can help firefighters look for victims or to find a way out.
While fire safety shoes are used to protect officers from the risk of fire heat, sharp objects, liquid chemical objects and other dangerous objects. That will risk causing injury to the feet. Firefighter gloves also serve to protect the hands of officers from these hazards.
While firefighting helmets are also equipped with transparent glass to protect the firefighter's head from the risk of falling dangerous objects.
And many more fire fighting equipment that is very helpful to firefighters in the process of fighting fire.
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