Fire Alarm

Many people don't install Fire Alarm Systems in their homes. Many assume that they can smell smoke when they fall asleep and wake up in time to escape in case of an emergency fire. Well, this is not true at all. Studies have been carried out and it has been proven that sleep is disturbed when there is sound, but NOT with smell. Our sense of smell is lost when we fall asleep, and we won't wake up no matter how strong the smoke smells. Many people don't pay attention to Fire Alarm seriously, and many don't test or check their Fire Alarm System regularly. The only thing that can remind you, your family and colleagues 24/7 from the fire is the Fire Alarm System that is installed and maintained properly. Fire Alarm is important because it can give you an initial signal for something that can be tragic - basically saving your life.

Fire Alarm tells you when they are busy, working or sleeping. Therefore you can take action before major damage occurs, thus saving property loss costs - also saving insurance companies a lot of damage costs. More than half of home fires occur in homes that do not have a Fire Alarm, and most at night, resulting in a high number of deaths. Trapped easily at the beginning of the fire. Early detection can get you out of a situation that has the potential to turn into a tragedy. Be sure to also inform your family and friends about the importance of installing a fire alarm system.

Here are some security and maintenance tips that you need to remember:

- Install Fire Alarm System in every room of the house, especially where you sleep, and in every office of the organization.
- Check the battery for signs of corrosion or your battery life. Replace the battery once a year.
- Make sure you teach your children what to do when they hear Fire Alarm sounds.
- Fire Alarm System test at least once a month.
- Do not paint the Fire Alarm System or paste anything on it, because that can interfere with its function.

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